Stories behind the wrestling championship belts

WWE- a sport renowned worldwide. millions of fan following across the globe, in every age group. Whether children, grown-ups or adults, when it come to wrestling everybody has a pang of excitement.

Just mention the word wrestling and see the people going crazy discussing their favorite wrestlers. Goldberg, Brock Lesnar, Big Show, Cold Stone, Triple H, and John Cena, some of the wrestlers that have reached on such platforms many movie stars couldn’t reach.
The sport hit the fame in 1990s and since then its gathering a lot of attraction.

While the fans go crazy thinking who will win this title, there is something to add to the glow.The belts with which the wrestlers are honored are quite extravagant. Lets have a look on few of the magnificent belts.

1. WWE World Heavyweight Championship Belt:


The biggest WCW title also known as the Big Gold Belt. This is one of the two titles that are now created for the Raw brand as a result of the 2016 WWE draft. Before it became such big title this belt appeared in the National Wrestling Alliance.
The wrestler currently having this belt and the worthy title is A.J. Styles.

2. WWE Universal Championship Belt:


The other title created for the promotion of World Heavyweight Championship on the Raw brand is the WWE Universal Championship Belt. Created on July 25, 2016, to give competition to WWE World Championship. On July 19, 2016 the brand extension was introduced and the creation of WWE Universal Championship came as an exclusive Smackdown.
The champion who wins the title is given the honor to be WWE Universe. The inaugural champion was Finn Balor and Kevin Owens hold the title currently.

3. WWE United States Championship Belt:


Being one of the two secondary titles this is the wrestling championship on the Raw brand. The title of the WWE United States Championship is promoted along with the Intercontinental Championship on the Smackdown brand.
Eddie Guerrero became the first wrestler to win this title in 2003 and currently the title is held by Roman Reigns, whomis in his first reign.

4. WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship Belt:


This title created for the SmackDown brand is a professional wrestling tag team championship. We can’t say it to be an exact replica but its identical to the Raw Tag Team Championship Belt, with the differences being that the leather strap is blue to symbolize its exclusivity to SmackDown, and the plates are silver. Current team holding this title is Heath Slater and Rhyno.

5. WWE Intercontinental Championship Belt:


Established on September 1, 1979 this title is one of the WWE’s secondary titles along with the United States Championship on the Raw brand.this title was created for the Smackdown brand. Pat Patterson became the inaugural champion back then.
The term intercontinental actually refers to the North and South America. When in 1985 the championship belt designed changed, the centered plate centered on the Atlantic Ocean, that included western Africa and Europe.
Dolph Ziggler who is in his fifth reign is the current champion holding the belt.

6.WWE Women’s’ World Championship Belt:


At wrestlemania 32 the Divas Championship was replaced by the WWE Women’s Championship. It had a unique title history to go with.
It was introduced on April 3, 2016 and was created for the Raw brand.Watching Lita, Victoria, and Trish Stratus show how aggressive they can be in the ring.

The championship became exclusive with raw with the name change. Smackdown also created SmackDown Women’s Championship as a counterpart title.It is currently held by Sasha Banks, who is in her second reign.

7. WWE Cruiserweight Championship Belt:


The recent unveiling of the award for the inaugural Cruiserweight Classic has given us a lot to talk about. It is created for the Raw band on September 14, 2016. It is contested in WWE’s Cruiserweight Division by wrestlers at a maximum weight of 205lb i.e. 93kg.
The cruiserweight Classic was the WWE network series and tournament for cruiserweights. The qualifying matches for the tournament were included in the promotion events like Revolution Pro Wrestling, Progress Wrestling and Evolve.
T.J.Perkins and Gran Metalik had the last fight of Cruiserweight Classic, Perkins won the inaugural title.

8. TNA X Division Championship Belt:



Owned by Total Nonstop Action wrestling this professional wrestling where the title is won as a result of scripted match. It is primarily defended in TNA and formerly in Wrestle-1 as well. In this championship there have been 68 reigns among 30 wrestlers.
This title has been renamed quite sometimes. These names were NWA X Championship, the NWA-TNA X Championship, and the NWA-TNA X Championship over the years.

9. ECW World Heavyweight Championship Belt:


Established under the Extreme Championship Wrestling in 1994, it was the original world title of the extreme Championship promotion. Not many know that it was originally introduced in 1992 by promotion’s precursor, Eastern Championship Wrestling. It was originally used in Extreme Championship Wrestling and later on World Wrestling Entertainment. Jimmy Snuka became the inaugural champion.
The title was deactivated in 2001 when ECW went out of business. ECW was then purchased by WWE two years later during the summer of 2003.

10. WCW United States Championship Belt:



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