“Social media has become a huge influence in the wedding industry,” says Mindy Weiss owner of Mindy Weiss Party Consultants. With social media honchos like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter ruling the smart phone screens, pictures of wedding ceremonies are posted online within seconds.


However, there are certain social media etiquettes that one should follow before pushing the wedding into the virtual world.

Disclosing the Bride Before the Ceremony- a big no no.
Sharing pictures of the bride on social media or even on personal chat before she walks down the aisle is no less than a blunder. Everyone knows the pain and hard work a bride goes through while preparing for her big day. So don’t be that sneaky guest by exposing her on social media and stealing the spark out of her grand entrance!

The Custom Wedding Hashtag
Hashtags are trending even when it comes to weddings. Clients in for social media sharing, come up with some fun wedding hashtag. Hence, the hashtag becomes an integral part of the whole process as it reflects the client’s personality and helps people to track the event on social media

Share Photos after the Wedding
Prefer sharing the photos after the wedding and not during the wedding. Hold your horses and enjoy the moment. Putting your smart phone aside for a few minutes, especially during the kiss and the cake cutting won’t kill you!

DON’T: Share Unflattering Photos
Be the sensible guest and avoid sharing embarrassing pictures that might put the bride and the groom in an uncomfortable position once their big day is over. However, if you want to be the quirky guest, do seek permission from the couple before posting anything objectionable.

And lastly, live in the moment and enjoy yourself to the fullest!

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