Piercing Hats- The latest vogue

The Piercing hats have been the latest K-Pop Idols’ fashion furore. The hats have left millions of fashionistas around the globe going crazy after their edgy appearance.


Hip hop celebs like CL, G-Dragon, and Zico gave birth to the trend which soon branched out in the fashion industry and reached several big names like TaeMin, Key, and Suga.
The fad began with classic baseball caps, but its popularity reached another level when the piercing rings were attached to them.
Here, are a few tips on how to rock these Piercing hats with the perfect outfits this fall.

1. Piercing hats and Bombers


The piercing hat when coupled with Bombers makes the perfect combination for a trendy and sassy outfit that gives you an edgy look.

2. Piercing Hats and Sweats


If you want to nail that perfect sporty look. Then just put on a piercing hat along with your sweats and you’re ready to go girl!

3. Piercing Hats and leathers


Leather jackets, cut jeans and piercing hats make a deadly combination!

4. Piercing Hats and whites


Be it a white coat or a white sweater, pairing it with cut jeans along with the hat makes gives you the classic vintage look.

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