Outfits That Will Have You Covered for the Weekend

The following three outfits would make any lady look her absolute best for the season. They are simply chic and very classy.

1. The wide-brimmed fedoras


You will find yourself becoming obsessed with the new wide-brimmed fedoras. The outfit oozes out oomph and confidence. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to get enough of the look.

2. The Bermuda Shorts


The next dazzling outfit is known as the Bermuda shorts. These Isabel Marant pants were originally tapered at the ankles and baggy around the waist. However, they were reduced and completely transformed into something called the Bermuda shorts. The length of the garment is around one inch above the knee. The trend works perfectly for the ladies during the spring season.

3. A touch of Olive Green




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